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Entrance Window Graphics for Anchor Health in Westlake

Property managers often need let visitors know who manages the property. Here, we created cut vinyl entrance window graphics for Anchor Health in Westlake. It shows the name of the company managing the property but in a subtle way. So with this their brand will unobtrusively be visible to visitors and passersby. 

Subtly Show Your Brand with Entrance Window Graphics

Want to compliment your main storefront signage? Or are you a property owner who wants to display your brand without overshadowing your tenant? Thinking of displaying extra branding? Perhaps you just want to use those otherwise bare glass surfaces for something, or just add some privacy?

Window graphics are ideal for these purposes. Moreover, they are quick and easy to install. Also, they don’t have the footprint in terms of size and space compared to other types of signage, so they are great for establishments that are working in more confined areas.

They can help complete the look established by the primary signs, both outdoor signs and indoor signs. After all, a business must make its branding prominent, so that it will be all the more visible and memorable to customers. A glass entrance door is the perfect place for window graphics.

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About the Client

Anchor Health Properties is a national firm devoted exclusively to developing, managing and investing in medical facilities.