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Etched Glass Window Graphics for Jones and Jones in Woodland Hills

In the Jones and Jones office reception area, we added etched glass window graphics. So it displays the company logo on the glass wall behind the receptionist, completing the look of their Woodland Hills office.

Compliment Your Signage with Etched Glass Window Graphics 

Have a shiny storefront sign attracting customers to your establishment? Got a lovely centerpiece of a lobby sign for your office? Maybe it could use some company. Why not have the surrounding scene match it and compliment it. With window graphics, surrounding glass surfaces can be turned into signs. So they will support the “main event” taking the limelight by drawing eyes to it.

Supporting signage matters because sometimes the main centerpiece sign might do it job too well. Yes it is visible and attracts attention in a good way, but if the surrounding area is “under-dressed” or under decorated then that bareness might stand out even more because of the signage. So it helps to spruce up the surroundings a bit. Just a bit of etched vinyl on glass adds to the main sign while also gives the background a face lift.

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About the Client

Jones & Jones operates thousands of units in 38 buildings across Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Ventura County.