You are currently viewing Turtle Enclosure Dedication Plaque for Temple Judea in Tarzana

Turtle Enclosure Dedication Plaque for Temple Judea in Tarzana

Who doesn’t love turtles? We fabricated and installed a turtle enclosure dedication plaque for Temple Judea in Tarzana. It was donated by Gesher’s 2019 graduating class so the adorable little reptiles can have a roof over their heads.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get a good shot of the turtles themselves, they might’ve evaded Chris’ camera with using ninjitsu… making them ninja turtles if you will. 

Give Credit with a Dedication Plaque

So, want to give sponsors or donors their due? Honor the memory of someone you hold dear? Then go for commemorative signage like a dedication plaque. Give credit to those who deserve it, and do so with style! You want to do them justice with signage that will look good for a long time.  And you want these to be visible, so that visitors, attendants and patrons can recognize the contributions of those the display is crediting.

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About the Client

Temple Judea embodies a vibrant Jewish community. It provides an array of quality religious programs aimed at enriching people’s lives by bringing them into the synagogue community.