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Vinyl Wrap for Beverly Center’s Automated Parking Kiosk

We installed a vinyl wrap for Beverly Center’s automated parking kiosk. These have graphics designed to help the Los Angeles shopping mall’s customers understand using the machines better and reduce the calls they would get from people requesting help with them. At the same time, the wrap gives makes the kiosk look modern and protects it from wear and tear. So, it’s a win-win!

Make Your Automated Parking Kiosks Look Good

Parking lots can be more than just bare concrete landscapes. Add bright and colorful features to improve the look of the place, provide useful information for customers so they won’t require further assistance, and protect your kiosk machines from wear and tear. Likewise, in an underground parking space surfaces can get coated in grime, making exposed items look really gritty. So a protective vinyl wrap can be really useful for cleaning and maintenance.

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About the Client

Beverly Center is –the– fashion and dining destination in South California.