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Window and Wall Graphics for ClearChoice in Encino

ClearChoice relocated. So we made door graphics for the company’s new location in Encino. It uses a simple white vinyl design for window and wall graphics. Don’t leave your new locations bare, have it decked out in signage and ready to attract customers!

Moving Venues? Set Up Signage Quickly with Vinyl Window and Wall Graphics

Businesses need to make a good impression. This includes when they’re new to a place, whether they’ve relocated or are just newly established. So quick and easy to set up signage is a must. Vinyl designs for walls and windows ideal in this regard. Like the dental clinic sign we made for ClearChoice.

It’s all about optics. So it’s important for brands to catch customers’ eyes and draw them in.¬† For old customers who are looking for your new place, and new clientele alike. You want to cement your brand the moment your brand’s feet hit the floor.

On the other hand, incomplete or missing signage sends the wrong message. Particularly if these are considered afterthoughts. Your establishment will look like it’s lacking something. Humans are visual beings, which is why signage is essential. It helps brands “click” with customers.

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About the Client

ClearChoice doctors specialize in dental implants. Whether it’s replacing single or multiple teeth, or even whole arches, they offer patients world-class expertise and care.