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Channel Letters Repair for Crunch Fitness in Northridge

A set of channel letters that pre-dates our work with Crunch Fitness needed electrical servicing. We added new LEDs and a power supply to help bring the illuminated gym sign in Northridge back to life. Now it is glowing brilliantly! So if you need channel letters repair services, and general sign restoration, you know who to call.

Need Some Signs Repaired?

Not ready to part ways with your old faithful signage? Fret not, we provide sign repair services. Like the channel letters repair work we did for Crunch Fitness. Even when it’s not one of ours, we are pros in this sort of stuff and can fix it up. For illuminated signs, like channel letters, pylon and lightbox signs, we can provide electrical servicing.

Sign maintenance is important, especially for highly visible outdoor signage. After all, if the sign isn’t on point, if it is flickering, then it will reflect poorly on the brand. It will suggest that the company doesn’t care about its appearance, which implies that its products and services are likewise off.

So get your signage game together! Fix those displays up so they’ll glow brilliantly and awe customers and bystanders. Show ’em what your brand is made of!

Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

About the Client

Crunch Fitness was founded in New York City’s East Village in 1989. Crunch is not just a business, but a diverse community that nurtures wellness, providing people with a welcoming atmosphere that inspires them to reach their health goals.