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Wooden Blade Sign for Broad Street Oyster Company in Malibu

Want to guide your customers towards your store, restaurant or cafe? A wooden blade sign is just the thing, like this one we made for Broad Street Oyster Company. The new Malibu restaurant isn’t visible from the main parking lot, so they needed signage to indicate to passersby where they are located. It’s part of their sign package that also includes the storefront sign shown in the previous article. 

Show ‘Em Where It’s At with Wayfinding Signs

“It” being your place of business, of course. A classic wooden blade sign is great for this role, especially for bars, restaurants and cafes. Whether it’s placed by the street, or used as a parking lot directional sign, it will definitely catch the eye and guide them to where they need to be. At the same time, the stylish wooden material helps give your brand a classy touch.

So, looking for signage with a unique appearance that your customers will surely remember? Want your display to stand out from the rest? Don’t settle for a generic-look. Give your brand, your business and your customers the high-quality signage it deserves.

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About the Client

Broad Street Oyster Company is a catering service that strives to bring together families, friends, deliciously prepared crustaceans and friendly banter into an unforgettable dining experience.