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Wooden Blade Sign for Pearl Dragon in Pacific Palisades

A good old fashioned wooden blade sign is a great way to spruce up an establishment and give it a classic aesthetic. And that’s what Pearl Dragon got.  The Pacific Palisades establishment’s new sign is quite striking. It displays a traditional Asian dragon for all to see and complementing the theme of the restaurant. 

A Wooden Blade Sign is Timeless

From a rugged cowboy western aesthetic to a more eastern-style signage, wooden blade signs such as the one we made for Pearl Dragon can be a great addition to an establishment. They add that classic touch. After all, going old-fashioned is in the vogue these days, as nostalgia is so bankable.

These are especially effective as restaurant signs. For cafes and grills, bars and diners. As well as fine dining establishments that want to display their roots. That’s what signage offers, highlighting not only the brand and the logo, but also the feel of a place, that connection with their clientele and the theme or style they’re channeling.

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About the Client

Pearl Dragon Asian kitchen has been in the business for ten years. It specializes in sushi and cocktails and is committed to providing the freshest, highest quality dishes made from the healthiest and most socially responsible ingredients.