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Acrylic COVID Sneeze Guards

COVID-19 sneeze guards are ideal for businesses, schools and other establishments that want to provide protective measures for customers and staff alike. As a sign maker, we make and affix a lot of installations made out of acrylic. So these are relatively simple for us to fabricate. But they can go a long way in preparing a business and reassuring customers. 

Be Prepared with Sneeze Guards

Augment measures already in place. Provide an additional layer of protection aside from masks and face shields. These acrylic or plexiglass barriers will provide defense against germs released from head on sneezes or coughs. Every layer of protection helps! Moreover, they are also easy to disinfect.

And the sight of them will reassure visitors, customers and staff alike that the establishment takes their safety seriously. The best thing is that these are durable and can be fabricated and installed quickly and conveniently. Plus, the CDC and OSHA alike recommend the use of sneeze guards and similar partitions in workplaces.

Moreover, a guard installed by a seasoned sign maker, experienced in fixing signage and displays big and small in varied places and conditions, from outdoors to interiors, will guarantee durability. If things go awry, you want your guard to withstand a few dings and scratches.

Check out our acrylic and plexiglass COVID-19 shields. Interested in retrofitting your workplace with them? Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.