You are currently viewing Acrylic Letters Building Sign for Cardiac PET Partners in Encino

Acrylic Letters Building Sign for Cardiac PET Partners in Encino

Part of the sign package for Cardiac PET partners’ clinic in Encino, this acrylic letters building sign will make their location more prominent. Their brand will be more visible and their clinic will also be easier to find.

Acrylic Letters Building Sign for Greater Visibility

Acrylic is also known as Plexiglas and is a clear, strong and stiff plastic that makes it an ideal material for signage, particularly outdoor signs. They are durable, meaning that acrylic exterior signs will be able to endure wear and tear, weather, temperature extremes and impacts while maintaining their appearance.

So acrylic signs are ideal for buildings because they will get a lot of visibility. Prominent signs must stay good looking, otherwise if they deteriorate then the sight will be seen by many who will get negative impressions towards the brands in question. But a sign that will stand the test of time and stay pristine will inspire confidence in the brand in question as well as its products and services. A visible sign can also serve as a landmark to aid people passing through the area, which will have the added benefit of boosting brand recognition.

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About the Client

Cardiac PET Partners provides advanced and comprehensive non-invasive cardiac evaluation utilizing Positive Emission Topography myocardial perfusion imaging.