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ADA Signs Help Offices and Businesses Be More Accessible

Signs can go beyond promoting brands. They can also help open the way for people who need help. That’s what signage with American with Disabilities Act compliant features are for. ADA signs that sport braille and textile surfaces will definitely be appreciated by those who need them. Likewise with those who see how establishments care for their constituents.

ADA Signs Show the Way

The Americans with Disabilities Act regulates accessibility, so this includes architectural features, construction features and signage. The ADA stipulates that signs should be conveniently located and readable visually as well as through tactile touch.

Signs with braille and raised characters are the most visible forms. But ADA signage is not synonymous with braille signs. The standards and requirements go beyond just having these features. They also have specifications for signs identifying permanent rooms or spaces of a facility like exits, or designating functional areas, or showing accessible features of a facility. Moreover, their positioning has to meet the regs too. So they should be placed where people can find them.

Aside from these, signs’ visual features must also meet guidelines to make them visible to those with vision impairments or limited eyesight. Also, there are international or universal visual symbols. After all, quality signage should transcend language barriers.

As said before, these are useful for more than just compliance’s sake. Accessibility features in signs as well as the general architecture and construction will be a major help to those who need them. So these signs and the surrounding features will synergize and create an environment that’s friendly for those with disabilities.

Be sure your establishment is a welcoming space for everyone. Include ADA-compliant signage features in your directional and wayfinding signs. Consider a sign package that sports these features.

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