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Backlit channel letters set up the groove at BPM Music.

Backlit Channel Letters for BPM Music Los Angeles

A halo lights up in the lobby of BPM Music in Los Angeles. Those backlit channel letters are surely setting up the groove for this music studio. 


Get in the Groove with Backlit Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are three-dimensional letter signs that are commonly seen in shopping malls and storefronts. They are usually illuminated to catch the attention of pedestrians who pass by. An arcade, a variety store, a grocery store, or a clothing store will usually have channel letters.

Making these custom signs requires careful consideration of zoning laws and landlord requirements. There are four types of channel letters. The standard, front-lit channel letter is the most common type. LED or neon lights illuminate these letters from the inside.

Another option is backlit channel letters. A backlit channel letter sign is a type of illuminated sign that is covered with aluminum. We installed these backlit channel letters on the lobby wall of BPM Music Studio.

Businesses can benefit greatly from illuminated signs. It boosts the visibility of your storefront, even at night. If you want channel-letter signs for your business, contact Premium Sign Solutions for a sign consultation. 

About BPM Music

BPM Music is a leading provider of music services, assisting brands and businesses throughout the music production process. Using the company’s cutting-edge platforms, users can easily play, perform, produce, and create music. They provide a full range of services to DJs, producers, and other creators.

Hear (or see) the music, create or mix it, or publish and sell your work via the many unique options BPM Music offers.