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Hallway Sign for Wolters Kluwer in Glendale

Guide people to your office with a hallway sign, like this one we made for Wolters Kluwer in Glendale. This signage will build anticipation for the main centerpiece lobby sign, complimenting it and really bolstering brand recognition among customers and clients.

Shape Customer Experience with A Hallway Sign

Office signs are meant to both impress clients and boost team morale by representing the brand, the organization and everyone involved in it. It is a symbol that makes the customer experience more memorable. Likewise, it also enriches the workplace by giving the staff an image that embodies them and what they do. A high quality sign, made out of premium materials and strategically positioned, will convey the caliber of the company and instill customer (and employee) confidence. So outstanding branding will in turn compliment the services the company is offering. With this, the customer will never forget their time there and will be more likely to return.

Moreover, when deployed as a sign package, these displays will bolster each other and amplify their effect. So signs in the hall, in the lobby, in conference rooms and such will cement the brand in customers’ minds.

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About the Client

Wolters Kluwer is a Dutch-American information services company.