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Blade Sign for Luna Wellness in Santa Monica

Health spas, salons and clinics need to have good-looking signage that reflects the wellness provided by services. Like this blade sign we made for Luna Wellness. Now the Santa Monica sleep clinic has a very eye-catching and appealing double-sided illuminated sign. So it makes them stand out and draws in clients.

Cut to the Chase with a Blade Sign

Pun intended! With their visibility, signs help branding go through all sorts of obstacles and chaff and reach potential customers. So appealing signs draw them in and convert these potentials into actuals, resulting in sales. With the attractive visuals of the signage complimenting the customer experience, they will ideally have a pleasant and memorable time. Moreover, they will be likely to return for more. Illuminated signs such as the one we made for Luna Wellness have added visibility day in and out. Signs like these are perfect in catching the eyes of customers and standing out from competitors who are off their signage game.

Operating a spa, clinic or salon? Consider this type of signage to adorn your storefront or entrance. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Luna Wellness is a wellness clinic specializing in natural insomnia and anxiety relief.