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Brand Lobby Signs for Your Office

From acrylic to metal, illuminated or non-illuminated, brand lobby signs are the first thing customers see when they enter offices. So it’s vital to make a great impression. Materials matter, as well as in the quality of construction, and the visual design of the display. Moreover, the sign must stand out while meshing well with its surroundings. With these, a splendid-looking sign will convey what the business has to offer to its customers. And these will make the customer experience all the more memorable and help ensure that they come back.

Ensuring Successful Brand Lobby Signs

Like what Chris O’Connel said, what’s the first thing you see when you enter a place of business?

Whether it is well lit or dim, the logo confirms that you are in the right place. It establishes the very beginning of the customer experience, which should be as positive an interaction as possible.

And that saying about judging books by their cover, it applies here as well. Most will make subconscious judgments based on the sight of that lobby sign, the quality of its materials, the pleasant-ness of its appearance, its style. A generic looking sign will be forgettable. Likewise with a illuminated sign with malfunctioning or dimming lighting. Low-quality signs won’t send the right messages and might even make potential customers doubt the quality of the business’ products or services.

This is why Premium Sign Solutions offers quality signage so that companies and their lobby centerpieces (and other signs) will truly shine. So the brand’s credibility will be reinforced as soon as customers enter the lobby. It will be the first thing they see in the office and it will also be visible as they finish their transaction and leave.

Lobby Sign Options

Elegant. Well-crafted. Sturdy. These are the top requests for our lobby signs.

Our options include entry-level signage, which are acrylic panel lobby signs that give a clean professional look while staying budget friendly.

Then there are our signs made from either laser-cut acrylic or routed metal. These can be customized to meet the exact shape, style, color and other specifications the customer requires. So they will really match customers’ brands.

On the higher and more elegant end, we have illuminated signs that turn can transform a lobby into a presentation piece. Like this one we made for bloomAds.

Premium Sign Solutions creates lobby signs that best reflect the branding of the company displaying them in their reception areas. And if you need help deciding on what’s best for your business, PSS’ seasoned team can help and guide you through the process of picking the best materials and options.

Need a lobby sign or an office signage package? Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.