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Client Plaques for mPulse in Encino

With these lobby client plaques mPulse can not only commemorate their partners but also advertise how their services and products are sought after by big companies. This definitely enhances their Encino office, elevating their brand in the eyes of visitors and raising team morale as well.

Client Plaques Show Your Brand’s Success

With dedication plaques signs can enrich offices and elevate more than the business’ own brand, it can also feature the brands of their satisfied clients. The same goes for investors and other contributing organizations or individuals. Plaques can also acknowledge the efforts of employees of the month or generous donors and the like

With these, businesses can show how reliable and trusted their products or services are. Brands can also show appreciation for their teams, which can boost morale. A workplace that recognizes worker efforts will also impress customers and clients.

Plaque signs can be part of a wider office sign package, With this, the signs will stylistically match the rest of the brand’s aesthetics, including their lobby signs.

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About the Client

mPulse Mobile develops conversational artificial intelligences for healthcare.