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Company Lobby Sign for Wolters Kluwer in Glendale

A company lobby sign is a must have for any office. Such as this one for Wolters Kluwer. With this, the information service company’s Glendale office will look really slick.

A Company Lobby Sign To Complete The Look

An office would look totally sparse without a lobby sign. So why not get one? With office signage, not only will visitors, customers and clients be treated to an impressive sight, but the team will also have a symbol that represents them. After all, signs convey the brand’s identity. And the workforce is a key part of that brand. They are the heart of any business, and by doing their jobs day in and day out they keep it living and breathing. Surely this invaluable component of the organization deserves to be represented!

Such displays bolster team morale. Moreover, it proves an excellent background not just for everyday activities but also for special occasions. A company photo op in front of a lobby sign would make for the perfect image for social media posts and magazine pages alike. Especially if the branding is also on point with the surroundings beyond the signage – like the color and style of the interior. Ideally, the interior design should take these into consideration and the establishment’s overall aesthetic should cohere with the business’ branding.

So get the lobby sign your business deserves. Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Wolters Kluwer is a Dutch-American information services company.