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Neon Lobby Sign for Abbyson in Calabasas

More of the sign package we worked on for Abbyson’s headquarters in Calabasas. This neon lobby sign displays the words “all together now” brightly. Such inspiring words are definitely welcomed and bolster team spirit. Plus, this compliments the backlit lobby sign we made for them.

Boost Team Spirit with a Shiny Neon Lobby Sign

Employees will be delighted if they’re working in an office with looks they can be proud of. Because the workplace’s appearance will reflect on the workers themselves. Likewise for the overall organization and the brand itself. This is why lobby signs and office signs matter. In short, these symbolize the whole company down to its various teams and the individual employees themselves. So they will have a welcoming sight each day on the job.

Likewise, such impressive visuals are a treat for guests, customers and clients, conveying the brand’s identity to them. So eye-catching signage will make the customer experience all the more memorable. And this makes repeat transactions all the more likely.

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About the Client

Abbyson has been a family-based home furnishing brand for over 30 years, continually redefining itself through modern day living.