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Address Sign for Concordia Christian School in Granada Hills

An address sign makes it easier for customers to find your establishment, or return to it. Likewise for school signs, such as this one for Concordia Christian School. We added the address below the white acrylic dimensional letters we had previously made and installed for the Granada Hills place of learning.

Complete Your Signage Set with an Address Sign

Make full use of your sign package. Display all the necessary details, including your establishment’s address. Make locating your place of business, or returning to it, much more convenient for your customers. Having your business signs display your address can also help you distinguish one branch from another if your business has multiple sites. Particularly if people are looking it up on the internet or ye old fashioned address book.

Likewise, it can also help people who are in need of a landmark as they navigate an area that’s unfamiliar to them. Especially if neighboring locations lack address signage. So it’s a definite contribution to the overall community and people will appreciate it. These little touches show that your brand has an eye for detail and cares.

So maximize your sign package and display useful details for your customers.

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About the Client

Concordia Christian School encompasses preschool through 8th grade. A small school, they provide Christian education in a loving environment, giving children a second family.