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Contributing to the Los Angeles Firefighting Effort

Premium Sign Solutions supports the community’s effort against the wildfires raging across the greater Los Angeles area. In these circumstances, everyone has to pitch in. Even our sign-making expertise plays a role, as the evacuation and identification map emergency signs we manufacture assist both civilians and firefighters putting themselves at risk to stop the fires and ensure everyone’s safety.

Raging Fires

With the dry winds contributing to, and exacerbating, the blazes, as explained by this LA Times article, the situation may very well worsen. According to the Washington Post, the largest fire is “expanding across a region almost as big as the city of Orlando.

According to officials, the largest fire, called the Thomas Fire, “tore¬†across 65,000 acres by Wednesday morning, and the blaze destroyed hundreds of homes, threatened 12,000 structures and forced 27,000 people to evacuate.” Most of the evacuees are left wondering whether their homes are among the destroyed ones.

How to Help

Everyone can help in their own way to support the affected people and the emergency personnel at the front lines. Our emergency signs do play a role, but there are many other ways to contribute. ABC7 outlines how to support Southern California fire relief efforts. The recommendations include:

  • Text UWVC to 41444 to make a cash donation to the Thomas Fire Fund
  • Donate water, snacks to help displaced residents
  • Assist the Red Cross
  • Give gently used clothing, Christmas gifts for families displaced
  • Contribute cash or supplies to the Humane Society of Ventura County
  • Support Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation’s disaster relief

Stay Safe, Everyone

Let’s all hope for the best while being prepared for any eventuality. For those in or around the affected areas, be sure to keep yourselves updated on the latest news and status reports in the event the fires spread further or change directions. Keeping ourselves out of harm’s way is another way to help emergency personnel who already have their hands full.