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Personal Protective Equipment for Sign Makers in San Fernando Valley

Working in a sign company requires a combination of artistic ability, skill with crafts, and a lot of power tools. So it behooves professional sign makers to don personal protective equipment when going about their tasks. Whether it’s cutting materials or using a crane to lift a sign up for installation, we must protect ourselves at all times and follow OSHA workplace safety standards. Here’s some of the gear we use to stay safe.

Personal Protective Equipment Because Safety’s First!

Safety Glasses and Face Shields
The eyes are among the body’s most delicate organs. And there’s always the risk of tiny debris getting into them when working with saw blades and cutting acrylic, wood or even metal. So with safety glasses and face shields, sign-makers can spare themselves a lot of discomfort and the arduous process of washing out dust or dirt from their eyes.

Welding Goggles/Masks
Likewise, when it comes to welding metal, the heat, bright light and sparks can damage the eyes. So welding goggles and welding masks must be worn during the process.

Glove Up
Hands get into a lot of accidents. Of course, they’re what we use to handle both the tools and the materials we work on. Splinters, pricks, nicks, scrapes and even nasty slices and burns, these are all possible at the workplace. Sometimes people hit their own fingers with hammers by accident. So gloves are a definite must, as they protect people’s digits from all sorts of hazards, preventing or lessening a wide range of possible injuries when making signs.

Particulates can cause fires, they can also be inhaled. Whether these are metal shavings, acrylic bits or wood dust, they have to be thoroughly removed from the workplace. Sign makers must also be protected from the inhalation risks that they present. Other breathing hazards include chemical and paint fumes.

Hearing Protection
Power tools are loud and noisy. When they exceed the human threshold of 85 decibels, the noise can cause damage. So ear drums must be protected with earplugs or ear muffs.

Steel Tip Boots
Like hands, people’s feet are vulnerable to falling objects. Nobody wants crushed toes. Heavy duty boots with steel caps can prevent such injuries as well as punctures from stray nails or other sharp objects.

Safety Harnesses
A must have when working on signs that are elevated, or when on top of the boom, or in other high places. This can reduce the risk of falls, a nightmare for those who are afraid of heights.

Fire Extinguishers
Not exactly a piece of personal protective equipment that’s worn, but this is vital and every workplace should have fire extinguishers.

Sign makers must protect themselves at all times. And your friendly neighborhood sign makers in San Fernando Valley are definitely sticklers for safety.

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