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Custom Directory at the West Valley Medical Center

Back to our production team’s favorite way to get creative, here is a recently installed custom directory we made for Ethan Christopher. It’s sleek, modern and metallic, contrasting in a good way with the wooden door behind it. Its weighty look also gives it impact. All in all, the directory adds to the West Valley Medical Center office’s professional look! 

Look Like a Pro with a Custom Directory

Being a pro involves looking the part. Directory signage will feature your name on an impressive frame that clients can see before they enter your office.

Directory signage’s perks:

  • Adds to the professional look of your place.
  • Shows clients the way.
  • Lets you be subtly creative with your branding.
  • At the same time, still matches the area’s aesthetics.
  • You can bring it with you if you change venues.
  • Occupy less space than a full blown lobby sign.

Thinking of giving your office or clinic an upgrade? Want eye-catching tenant directories for your establishment? Contact us for a consultation. We’ll determine the business sign package that fits your specifications!

About the Client

Ethan Christopher LLC is a full service real estate firm founded in 1999. It manages numerous shopping centers and medical office complexes.

West Valley Medical Center leases to outpatient medical services and many private practices. Their on-site pharmacy makes filling a prescription fast and efficient.