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Dealpoint Merrill's lobby sign in the reception area

Dealpoint Merrill Lobby Sign Woodland Hills

Elevate Your Business Image with a Striking Lobby Sign – Dealpoint Merrill Case Study


Do you need a lobby sign? Are you a property developer or manager seeking to revamp your shop’s image, yearning to capture the attention of fresh eyes? If you’ve been grappling with this challenge, you’re not alone. In the ever-evolving world of business, making a stellar first impression is paramount. That’s where Premium Sign Solutions comes into play. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Elevate your business image with a bespoke lobby sign that reflects your unique style and story.


  • Real estate managers can boost visual exposure and professionalism with a well-designed lobby sign.


  • Premium Sign Solutions crafts durable, eye-catching signs that make a stellar first impression.


  • Trust us to transform your lobby into a captivating space that resonates with your brand identity.


We have worked with Dealpoint Merrill previously on their monument sign. We specialize in crafting exquisite lobby signs that not only elevate your business image but also convey your unique story and style.


Collaborating with Dealpoint Merrill


Our journey with Dealpoint Merrill, a distinguished real estate and investment firm based in Los Angeles, was a remarkable one. With decades of experience in deal structuring, finance, acquisition, and management, they entrusted us to enhance their image with a compelling lobby sign. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to understanding our clients’ visions and weaving them into stunning signage.


Close-up of brushed metal laminate on acrylic material
Close-up of brushed metal laminate on acrylic material


Designing the Lobby Sign


Dealpoint Merrill’s lobby sign stands tall at 19.4 inches high and spans a substantial 69 inches in width. Crafted from 1-inch thick brushed metal laminate on acrylic, it exudes elegance and durability. The brushed metal aluminum letters, 8 inches for “DEALPOINT” and 3 inches for “MERRILL,” exude sophistication. The N and swoosh, spanning 14.5 inches by 26.6 inches, and a sleek horizontal bar measuring 0.48 inches high and 44.4 inches wide, complete the captivating design.


Lobby Sign Benefits for Real Estate Managers


Investing in a lobby sign goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a strategic move for real estate managers. It grants your business unparalleled visual exposure. As potential tenants or partners step into your lobby, a well-crafted sign immediately conveys professionalism, trustworthiness, and a commitment to excellence. It’s the first step towards forging lasting impressions and successful partnerships.


Dealpoint Merrill's lobby sign in the reception area
Dealpoint Merrill’s lobby sign in the reception area


Frequently Asked Questions About a Lobby Sign 


Let’s address some common queries store owners might have about lobby signs:


Will a lobby sign fit my business style?

Absolutely. At Premium Sign Solutions, we tailor each sign to reflect your unique style and story.


What materials are used for lobby signs?

We utilize high-quality materials like brushed metal laminate on acrylic, ensuring a perfect blend of aesthetics and durability.


How long does it take to design and install a lobby sign?

The timeline varies, but rest assured, we work efficiently to minimize disruptions to your business.


Can I get a lobby sign for multi-location projects?

Certainly! We specialize in creating consistent branding across multiple locations.


Final Thoughts on Your Lobby Sign 


Your lobby sign is more than just a piece of decor; it’s your business’s first impression. Dealpoint Merrill understood this, and together, we transformed their lobby into a captivating, professional space that resonates with their brand. If you’re ready to make a lasting impression and elevate your business image, contact Premium Sign Solutions today. Let’s craft your success story, one sign at a time. 


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Dealpoint Merrill Lobby Sign Woodland Hills
Dealpoint Merrill Lobby Sign Woodland Hills