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Delivery Information Signs

Lockdown. Quarantine. Stay at home. Shelter in place. Social distancing These are necessary and critical precautions, and businesses that continue their operations must abide by them. So they have to adapt. One way of doing so is to display pick-up and delivery information signs that are visible and easy to read.

With these signs and banners, stores and restaurants can make transactions more convenient for customers and delivery personnel as instructions and need-to-know details are made visible for all to see. At the same time, they are also safer as exposure risk is minimized.

Delivery Information Signs Show Customers You’re Still In Business

Businesses like restaurants, bars and cafes obviously aren’t letting customers dine-in for the duration of the emergency. But they can still continue operating. Doing deliveries? Let customers know with delivery signs. So if they’re passing by as they do their grocery runs, they can see that you’re still in business and that they can just have their orders brought to their homes. Display all the relevant information so they can jot it down or take a snapshot.

These are trying times and businesses have to operate at reduced capacities. Everyone has to tighten their belts. But life, and commerce, has to go on in some way, shape or form. So with business signs, you can show how you are adapting to these changes. Remind loyal customers of your presence. Likewise, help make things more convenient for them and show them you’re still meeting their needs. They will appreciate it as, by doing so, your business is still helping provide much needed goods and services, which might be hard to come by.

Deliveries are really crucial as well because not everyone has a vehicle that can help them haul supplies. Some people might live far off, commuting might be hard, so supply runs might not be as doable. Likewise for those with disabilities and conditions that preclude them from hauling heavy loads.

We are all in this together. Communities must help one another, particularly those who are down on their luck or who have special requirements. It is also important to support small businesses and local establishments. So let’s all do our part!

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