Custom Restaurant Signs for Cinnabon in Torrance

More of the Cinnabon business sign package, in collaboration with TubeArt. This time it is a pair of custom restaurant signs for their branch in Del Amo Mall in Torrance. So we installed acrylic letters reading “Bake Shop” and pasty glass design piece with the image on a frosted bun printed on the acrylic panel. The adorable pastry sign will definitely catch the eye and draw in customers. (more…)

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Contactless Delivery Signs
Secure contactless delivery sign or logo. Delivery left at door during quarantine. Measures to prevent coronavirus. The crossed-out palm of the hand. Flat vector illustration

Contactless Delivery Signs

Maintain quarantine with a contactless delivery sign. What is this? It’s a sign for home owners to place by their front door indicating where delivery drivers can leave their food. Essential businesses with this service can also inform customers of their delivery and pickup options with signage. These show people how they can stay safe and do their part. Contactless delivery signs can convey such vital information and greatly help customers, staff and businesses simultaneously. Custom banners, pop up banners and the like can help spread the word!


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Social Distancing Information Signs

Businesses that are still operating should remind customers of the social distancing protocols they must observe to reduce the risks of exposure and transmission. Social distancing information signs display everything they need to know. Aside from conveying much needed safety advice, these types of signs also allow establishments to show that they care for their customers. (more…)

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Delivery Information Signs

Lockdown. Quarantine. Stay at home. Shelter in place. Social distancing These are necessary and critical precautions, and businesses that continue their operations must abide by them. So they have to adapt. One way of doing so is to display pick-up and delivery information signs that are visible and easy to read.

With these signs and banners, stores and restaurants can make transactions more convenient for customers and delivery personnel as instructions and need-to-know details are made visible for all to see. At the same time, they are also safer as exposure risk is minimized.


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Working from Home? Get a Fancy Backdrop Banner or Poster!

The safety measures being enacted due to the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic means that many people have to work from home. And that means there’ll be a lot of videocalls and conferences. So why not have a fancy backdrop banner or poster to “show” colleagues how classy you are? Cover up that disorganized living room with a poster of the Eiffel Tower or the beach. Look like a traveler while staying safe at your home. (more…)

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