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Dibond Signage for Bexel in Van Nuys

Don’t want unsightly rusty signs? Choose dibond signage like the ones we made for Bexel’s Van Nuys location.  With these durable wayfinding signs, their branding will remain pristine looking despite the weather and wear and tear.

Dibond Signage for Durability 

Don't want rusty signs? Choose dibond signage like those on Bexel's Van Nuys location. Their branding will be pristine with these durable wayfinding signs.

The dibond directional signs for Bexel outline the location to their office, the pickup and deliveries site and their production center. Regulars and newcomers alike will be spared from the hassle of finding out which way to go by trial and error.

Directional signs are a must for large facilities and compounds to help people navigate. Employees and guests alike will need a bit of help to avoid becoming lost. Wayfinding signs can also guide traffic, particularly cargo shipments. These are essential for preventing confusion, wasted time and even accidents.

Dibond is very durable, making it a great material for exterior signs. It is composed of a rigid composite that is tough while being lightweight. So outdoor signs made of dibond will be waterproof, rustproof, and chemically resistant and stable in the face of temperature shifts.

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About the Client

Bexel supports major broadcasters in bringing the most important events to a global audience. They provide vital production services and broadcast solutions with their team of technicians and engineers.