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Digitally Printed Window Wrap for Ornare in West Hollywood

We’re continuing with our project at Ornare in West Hollywood. Now we’re installing a digitally printed window wrap for them. This complements the channel letters we previously provided. And it’s sure to catch the eye of anyone coming into the store thanks to the stunning image it displays. 

Turn Glass Surfaces into Signage with a Window Wrap

Short on space for signage? Or need to block out glaring lights from the outside? Consider including a window wrap in your sign package. It turns otherwise unused surfaces, like glass windows or doors, into stunning signage. This is perfect for cafes, boutiques and spas that tend to have large windows. Window wraps add to the ambiance of the place. By blocking out harsh lights they can also maintain a cool and relaxing atmosphere inside the establishment.

Want to put signage on your windows? Contact us so we can fix up an ideal sign package for you!

About the Client

Ornare is dedicated to improving their clients’ lives with their unique, high-quality and sophisticated products. They use FSC – Forest Stewardship Council internationally certified wood which gives them the green-seal for environmental protection.