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Halo-Lit Channel Lettering for Ornare in West Hollywood

Ornare will take care of the interior decorating, but we have to make sure their signs carry through their vision of sleek modern homes. The halo-lit channel lettering we made for them does just that. It really spruces up the West Hollywood establishment in a way that suits their branding.

Impress Customers with Channel Lettering

When it comes to exterior signage, channel lettering have a distinct kind of elegance to them. When they’re halo-lit, they’re also visible day in and day out, which is a plus. This type of building sign really helps make an establishment stand out and impress customers and passersby.

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About the Client

Ornare is dedicated to improving their clients’ lives with their unique, high-quality and sophisticated products. They use FSC – Forest Stewardship Council internationally certified wood which gives them the green-seal for environmental protection.