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Dimensional Letters for Concordia Christian School in Granada Hills

A new brown acrylic sign for above Concordia Christian School’s main entrance. So students and parents will see these dimensional letters as they enter the Granada Hills learning center. This goes with the monument sign we made for them a few months back. Now they have the complete set!

Dimensional Letters Are Your Go-To For Business Signage

Whether it’s a school sign, a business sign, restaurant sign, apartment complex sign, and so on, it pays to put up an impressive display. It’s for the customers, clients, students, patrons, tenants, guests or visitors. And if the signage is around the entrance, it certainly adds to the effect.

Dimensional letters are particularly effective in this regard. They are highly visible, and their designs are timeless. Moreover, they are also solidly constructed, which means they’re durable. So they’re ideal outdoor signs that can withstand weather and wear. Long-lasting signage that’ll stay good-looking, now that’s priceless. And when coupled with other signage, outdoors or indoors, like the monument sign we made for Concordia, they’ll compliment each other and really make the establishment look superb!

So make sure your establishment looks the part! Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

About the Client

Concordia Christian School encompasses preschool through 8th grade. A small school, they provide Christian education in a loving environment, giving children a second family.