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Illuminated Lobby Sign for Guru in Pasadena

A tech company developing revolutionary products should likewise have a bit of pizzaz with their branding. Hence this illuminated lobby sign for Guru. Now the Pasadena tech business looks the part and is ready to impress visitors!

Show the Future with an Illuminated Lobby Sign

It’s not just about black turtlenecks and buzzwords. Impressive signage is crucial in conveying a vision of tomorrow. So it’s an absolute must for tech firms and startups.

With an outstanding business sign you’re showing your confidence in your product in a memorable way. The optimism will be contagious, investors and potential clients will really feel it. So they’re more likely to remember it. Moreover, the newfangled innovation you’re displaying will also become synonymous with your brand and vice versa. It will become more than just an inanimate piece of tech, it will have an identity. And this is vital in winning people over. In making them believe.

So consider quality signage to go hand in hand with your marketing and branding strategy. Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Guru is designing the future. It is focused on reducing e-waste and making human lives better through the wireless energy transmission technologies they are developing.