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Directory Suite Plaque for UCLA Health in Westlake Village

This is the directory suite plaque we made for UCLA Health. With this, the Westlake Village institution’s halls will be easier to navigate. This one displays the name and number of the room, which is their hematology and oncology infusion center. It also shows the hours it is open and has braille features, making it more accessible and ADA complaint.

Leverage Navigational Signs Like Directory Suite Plaque to Maximize Convenience

Places such as health centers and hospitals must maximize accessibility and ease of navigation. After all, people are there for important business – namely their health. Of course, ease of navigation is also important for places like condominiums, commercial spaces, malls, galleries, and anywhere really. So directory signage can make a big difference by helping people locate the places they are trying to find. They can reach their destinations faster. And in the case of people seeking medical consultations or heading to treatment, these useful signages will be most appreciated.

Moreover,  these navigational signs can be made with Americans with Disabilities Act compliant features. So everyone can benefit from the signs, including those with various impairments. Be sure to check out our ADA signage.

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About the Client

UCLA Health offers a variety of treatments for patients in Conejo Valley.