Channel Letters Building Sign for Luber Roklin Entertainment in Hollywood

Luber Roklin Entertainment needed a backlit sign within 2 weeks. No problem. About 10 days after approving their proof, we installed this beautiful halo lit channel letters building sign. Now their Hollywood branch looks complete and stands out day in and day out.

Complete Your Establishment with a Channel Letters Building Sign

Eye-catching signage is a surefire way to put your building on the map. Likewise, it will surely promote your brand and give it added visibility. With channel letters, your establishment will project its brand identity in an impressive way. Moreover, halo-lit features give it visibility day in and day out. Building signs are important, particularly for big brands. It cements their presence to audiences and potential clients.

In the case of LRE in Hollywood, they are in an area where the optics game is truly critical. So you want that visibility via business signs. Channel letters are solid, made out of high-grade materials that will withstand the elements and remain pristine. So the visual association will tell people that your brand is likewise reliable and top-notch!

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About the Client

Luber Roklin Entertainment is a performing arts company.