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Lobby Directory Sign for Montrose Plaza

This is the changeable lobby directory sign we made for Montrose Plaza. With this it will help their building tenants announce their presence and make navigation much easier for visitors. For this project, we did not handle the installation, the signage was shipped to Montrose and the client arranged installation themselves.

Lobby Direction Sign for Commercial Spaces

Be sure every tenant is showcased fairly and ensure that visitors and customers have an easy time finding their destinations. This is why directory signage is crucial for commercial spaces, malls and plazas. And if it is a changeable sign like the one we made for Montrose Plaza, it has the added benefit of being convenient to add or replace signs if there are new tenants.

Moreover, these directory display signs can be made with Americans with Disabilities Act compliant features. So they will enhance your establishment and provide navigational assistance to everyone, particularly those with impairments. Check out our ADA signage.

While we at Premium Sign Solutions ordinarily handle the installation ourselves, clients can also choose to arrange the installation themselves as with  Montrose Plaza’s sign.

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