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Door Graphics for The Indoor Lab in Irvine

Make an impression with an outstanding entrance sign. Like the door graphics we made for The Indoor Lab’s Irvine location. This sign compliments the office signage we also made for them.

Draw Customers in with Door Graphics

Vinyl graphics for doors and windows, whether they are indoor signs for offices or outdoor signs for storefronts, help attract customers or clients. They project the brand identity, they make the establishment stand out from the rest with distinct signage, and they compliment other exterior signs or interior signs.

Entrance signs help make an impression and build anticipation for guests and clients visiting the place. They make a statement and when part of a wider sign package can cohere with the stylistic choices of the other signs and decorations of the workplace. These also enhance the work environment of employees and can boost morale. After all, no one wants to work at a generic looking and visually dull workplace.

Plus vinyl graphics are quick to create and install as well as replace. So if the business rebrands, new graphics can be placed in short order. They can turn otherwise unused glass surfaces into signage real-estate without occupying as much space as other types of signs.

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About the Client

The Indoor Lab is the leading provider of real-time foot traffic monitoring technology using lidar.