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Door ID Signs for Bexel in Van Nuys

These door ID signs are part of the ongoing sign package for Bexel in Van Nuys. They have 30 doors for cargo loading and unloading that needed to be numbered so that visitors and employees know which door is which. We fabricated and installed laser cut acrylic numbers to help identify each door. So with these signs they can make their work process all the more efficient and streamlined!

Show Where to Go with Door ID Signs

These are utterly practical forms of signage. Whether it’s for apartments, condominiums, clinics, or warehouses such as Bexel’s facilities, dimensional letters or dimensional numbers that identify specific entrances and exits are really helpful. They can be major conveniences particularly during busy days. As well as for newcomers, visitors and guests who don’t have a grasp of the area’s layout. It can save them the trouble of finding out through trial and error.

And if these newcomers happen to be making deliveries and driving massive vehicles, trailers, vans or forklifts… then it’s really important to minimize traffic, delays and bottlenecks. That’s what directional signs are for, after all.

Moreover, wayfinding signs can be coupled with  Americans with Disabilities Act compliant features, keeping in mind accessibility for those with disabilities. So be sure to look up our ADA signage as well.

Need property signs? Be sure to include door signs in your sign package.  Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Bexel supports major broadcasters in bringing the most important events to a global audience. They provide vital production services and broadcast solutions with their team of technicians and engineers.