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Edge Lit Letters for The Alcove in Malibu

The premium option for exterior channel lettering, these edge lit letters for The Alcove in Malibu give a crisp aesthetic that matches perfectly with their brand. This is a definite step up from the previous temporary custom banner. Now the fashion store’s signage game is at peak performance, befitting the oasis of cool. 

Sign Packages: From Temporary Banners to Permanent Edge Lit Letters

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Don’t go signless just because you’re waiting for the final product. While it’s being finalized, you can opt for temporary ones like custom banners. And then, when the time comes, you can swap it out with the sign of your dreams.

Sign packages that include both temporary and permanent signage are great especially when the final work incorporates more intricate and impressive designs – like edge lit letters. This means fabrication will take longer, but the wait will be well worth it!

If you time it right, you can use the temporary sign while your establishment is still under construction or renovation. Then the permanent sign can be installed just as your business resumes operations. When the customers return, they’ll sure be in for a surprise.

Unveiling a new sign can be great for publicity and marketing. It can make your grand opening really memorable, turning it into a ceremony. It’d make for great images for the company website and might even make it into magazines!

Sign packages can save you the trouble of choosing between rushing quickly or deliberate long-term planning. So go ahead, contact us. Ask our Tarzana-based sign company about sign package options that will suit you best!

About the Client

The Alcove is an oasis of cool, a fashion store specializing in a casual style they call “beach chic.” They curate and elevate fresh styles mainly from the US. In their own words: “We believe in soft fabrics, comfort and above all, style.