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New Plaques for Encino Chamber of Commerce Pylon Sign

We recently removed and installed a few new plaques to the Encino Chamber of Commerce’s pylon sign. Now the Welcome to Encino sponsor sign is up to date! Have some details of your business changed, or perhaps some new members have joined your local chamber of commerce? We’re always happy to help keep your signage up to date!

Plaques are Staple Signage Indoors and Outdoors

acrylic plaques, pylon sign, sign updates, sign repairs, sign removal, encino, plaques, outdoor sign, chamber of commerceAs you can see, plaques can be used to adorn outdoor signage like pylon signs. Each plaque can represent a tenant of the property, a member of the organization, etc. So they can also be easily replaced and updated.

For indoor use, the layout of your place of business shouldn’t be bare. Spruce it up, so guests and clients will remember the experience of visiting. While lobby signs provide eye-catching centerpieces for reception areas, plaques identify specific rooms, offices and halls. So you’ll need a combination to make your premises presentable.

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About the Client

The Encino Chamber of Commerce has been around since 1936, serving the business community and getting things organized. The Chamber and its members provide goods and services to their community and beyond with dedication!