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Regular Vs. Premium Sign Making Materials

We like to put our sign making materials to the test to make sure you’re getting the best representation of your brand and business. Here we put a light behind a lower and higher quality polycarbonate substrate meant for use in a lightbox to see which was more luminous and white. Which one do you think is better?

Materials Matter

This is the Premium Sign Solutions difference. You can see it whether it’s a lightbox, a custom metal lobby sign for indoor use, or an outdoor monument sign made to face the elements. So you can rest assured that your sign will be designed to exacting standards with materials of top notch quality.

All this results in eye-catching and impressive signage that will stand the test of time due to its sturdy construction. Your brand will be visible and will tell customers and potential clients alike that your business is reliable.

Remember, a sign is an investment…

…one that will draw in customers over time.  So don’t settle for half-measures. A sign made out of materials that aren’t up to scratch will not last as long or as graciously as one made out of premium components. Imagine the message a broken-down flickering lightbox or a crumbling monument sign will send. Even the slightest dent or damage can put you behind a competitor with immaculate signage.

Want a sign that will truly stand out? Contact our San Fernando-based sign company for inquiries.