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Evacuation Signs for Cosmo Lofts in Hollywood

Safety first! Signs aren’t just there to make an establishment look good, they can also convey important details that can come in handy during emergency situations. That’s what Premium Sign Solutions provided for Cosmo Lofts in Hollywood. We fabricated and installed evacuation signs, positioned in the hallways and displaying evacuation safety plans for every tenant and passerby to see. Whether it’s for general workplace safety to prevent accidents, or during  emergencies like fires when everyone has to pack up and go, signs can and are crucial for saving lives! Contractors: remember, every newly constructed building needs these!

Cosmo Lofts offers amazing apartments with roof access that have 360 degree views of the Hollywood area, including the Hollywood sign! These lofts are certainly scenic, as the picturesque backdrops of La-La Land make tenants feel like being in an actual movie!