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Our Favorite Clients: Thomas Starr King Middle School in Los Angeles

Thomas Starr King Middle School, one of our favorite school signs client, follows the Los Angeles Unified School District’s guidelines on instructional continuity. Namely, students are continuing their education albeit remotely using online tools. The school itself is also the site of volunteer food distribution, which is awesome.

Continuity of Education and Continuity of Life

As we previously said, the crisis does not mean that everything has to go into a standstill. Thomas Starr King Middle School and their fellow institutions found ways to adapt and carry on. Same goes for businesses, organizations, communities and individuals all over.

It is really inspiring to see them take the initiative. Particularly when they take the extra effort, go above and beyond, and give back through relief efforts, volunteer food drives and such. Through these acts we see how much they care for the community and are giving back. Likewise, seeing these efforts can motivate others to pitch in or simply relieve them of the doom and gloom that is only natural in these times. So these examples are precisely what we need to help us carry on through the crisis.

We are definitely looking forward to the end of the pandemic. Until then, we are offering free virtual estimates for future sign projects when things get better.  Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Thomas Starr King Middle School provides students with innovative learning experiences to develop their intellect, creativity, curiosity and compassion. So they will grow wholly and be equipped to live meaningful lives and contribute to the community and the world.