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Our Favorite Customers: Calabasas High School

Calabasas High School is among our favorite customers and we have provided them with quality school signs. As we shelter in place, they have shifted to online classes. They also recently had their cap and gown pickup graduation. As well as cheer tryouts, speech and debate competitions and other activities and events online!

Innovating and Continuing to Live

Pivotal life events like graduations and regular classes need not end because of the current crisis. Human ingenuity allows schools, institutions and businesses to shift operations online and remotely. Because of this, we can still have our treasured and pivotal moments, as well as access vital services. Sure, they will be altered to accommodate realities and ensure everyone’s safety. Still, it shows that life has not been paused. It still goes on!

So we should keep our chins up and go on living and maintaining our lifestyles as best we can. Likewise, making necessary adaptions to the situation to make sure we are as safe as possible. This is how we will last and prevail over the challenges before us. And that’s why we will bounce back afterwards.

Speaking of which, we all can’t wait for things to get better. So let’s prepare for that and give ourselves something to look forward to.

We are offering free virtual estimates for future sign projects when things get better.  Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

About the Client

Calabasas High School enables each student to realize their maximum potential.