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Our Favorite Customers: Concordia Christian School in Granada Hills

School sign week continues with the recognition of another favorite customer: Concordia Christian School in Granada Hills. They have instituted a remote learning program to ensure their students’ education continues. Likewise they are also conducting virtual praise and worship services as well as entertaining activities for students, teachers and families. That is mighty wholesome and moving!

Maintaining Communities While Sheltering In Place

Concordia Christian School provides us with a great and inspiring example of how institutions, whether they be places of learning, worship, business or otherwise can stay connected with their communities. Through this they can go on providing their vital services even from afar. Schools can make sure their students are still learning. Gyms can see to it that their members are keeping fit. Clinics can still be accessible to patients for remote consultations. And so on.

Of course peoples’ paces will slow down accordingly when doing things remotely. And also because there’s a pandemic so organizations shouldn’t expect people to operate at the same tempo as before – whether it’s students doing their assignments or workers doing their jobs from home. We shouldn’t stop living, our activities shouldn’t cease, but we don’t necessarily have to go on with the old pace. Consideration and balance is key. Our mutual safety and wellness, and our connections with one another. This is how we will take care of ourselves and each other until this crisis ends. Then we can be free to do the things we have been itching to do while sheltering in place and see each other again in person!

Speaking of which, we look forward to resume sign making projects after the crisis ends. We are offering free virtual estimates for future sign projects when things get better.  Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

About the Client

Concordia Christian School encompasses preschool through 8th grade. A small school, they provide Christian education in a loving environment, giving children a second family.