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Honoring our Favorite Customers: Luna Optometry in Calabasas

One of our favorite sign customers, Luna Optometry in Calabasas, is still available for emergency eye care and contact lens orders. While they are unable to see patients for routine examinations, they still ship contact lenses directly to patients’ homes free of charge. They highly recommend patients with less than 3-month supplies remaining to place their orders now.

Keep An Eye Out For Each Other!

Puns aside, we do need to have each others’ backs. As individuals, members of our greater communities, and as customers and operators of small businesses. That is why we are recognizing our favorite sign customers, particularly medical facilities and clinics. And those still operating and providing products and services to their customers.

So don’t forget to stock up on those contact lens supplies in these uncertain times. Those might be easy to overlook (haha, get it?) compared to other supplies like food, protective equipment.

Like many other businesses, Luna Optometry’s normal and full operations will resume when this crisis is over. And they can’t wait to see their customers again soon!

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About the Client

Luna Optometry is a dedicated and caring provider of quality vision services to the Calabasas and surrounding communities.