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Honoring our Favorite Customers: Musso & Frank Grill in Hollywood

Hollywood’s oldest eatery happens to be one of our favorite customers too. While Musso & Frank Grill haven’t opened their kitchen to delivery or take out orders, as they have always maintained that dining in their restaurant is part of the unique “Musso Experience,” they have stated their support for establishments that have always offered “to go” or home delivery services. So their team is staying at home with their families as they wait for the situation to improve. Anyway, this means that Musso and Frank Grill will be one of the places we’ll look forward to dining in when things get better!

Musso and Frank Grill Appreciates the Community’s Support

They are an institution, one that has been around for a hundred years and will definitely get through this to serve their patrons once more. In their statement they have also expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the community’s support. As well as their eagerness to get back to work and see everyone again. A lot of people definitely want to order some mouthwatering dishes for take out or delivery from their establishment, but we understand and support their choice.

All this means is that we will just have to delay gratification… so the “Musso Experience” will be so much better when we finally return for some steak and martinis.

With the current crisis, many services we were accustomed to will no longer be available. We have to tighten our belts and play our roles in keeping everyone safe. Likewise, we must remember the things we appreciated and give ourselves something to look forward to.  This way we can keep our chins up as we weather this crisis. Then we’ll come out of it ready to pick up where we left off.

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About the Client

Musso & Frank Grill is Hollywood’s oldest eatery, founded in 1919. It is also called “the genesis of Hollywood,” a landmark frequented by celebrities. Likewise many movies and shows feature it. So we’re proud of our contribution to its legacy!