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Our Favorite Customers: Pat King Jiu Jitsu in Northridge

Pat King Jiu Jitsu in Northridge, one of our favorite customers making good use of our gym signs, teaches martial arts and self-defense. When it comes to COVID-19, you can’t strike it or put it in a choke hold, so social distancing is the most effective defense technique. And that’s what they are doing, while teaching BJJ lessons through Zoom. Practitioners might not be able to go to class and spar with everyone, but they can still hone their techniques from their homes.

Staying Sharp and Fit

Gyms and fitness establishments are all about improving one’s health and wellness. Likewise with martial arts clubs and dojos, with the added caveat of keeping healthy by learning techniques to defend against threats.  Their ethos promotes discipline and focus, which are absolutely necessary for sustained self-improvement. You have to develop your technique and form, grow stronger, do more reps with higher weights or spar more effectively.

But there’s more to it than just what you do for yourself. It is also what you do for the community.  Whether it’s simple gym etiquette like returning the weights after use, or actively being a good brother or sister in the box by helping others, like newcomers. Or amiably sharing fighting techniques with new students. So one doesn’t just hone the self but also contributes to the development of others. And these compliment each other, feed into each other. The better everyone does, the better it is for each individual.

Outside the gym or dojo, the same goes for all of us during these challenging times As individuals, communities, organizations and businesses.

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About the Client

Pat King Jiu Jitsu teaches effective self-defense with its eponymous Royce Gracie-trained 1st degree black belt instructor. They are are Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy in Northridge, California.