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Our Favorite Customers: Los Angeles Film School

This week we will be recognizing customers for school signs. And one of our favorite customers happens to be the Los Angeles Film School. Classes are continuing, albeit online via Zoom and Learning Management System (LMS) for the May term.

Life, and Education, Goes On

While we can’t wait to make more signs for our customers like LAFS when things finally get better, such as Back To School banners, we have to do our best to stay safe and help our communities during this crisis.  Still, we cannot just stop doing everything. We have to find ways to adapt and continue on living, working and learning. Schools are no exception, as the Los Angeles Film School demonstrates. Classes can be held online so students will continue on with their education and so they won’t lose all those months.  They can also continue seeing their peers virtually. Likewise with how other institutions, organizations and businesses have shifted their operations.

Otherwise, we would be left with nothing to do, and people can’t just succumb to stagnation. Of course, institutions have to do this while prioritizing safety and the wellness of the community. So as we keep ourselves busy, we give ourselves something to look forward to day after day. That’s what is really important. Ultimately, in due time, the crisis will abate and we will return to doing the things we love. And we should be ready for that, to finally go back outside and stretch our legs a little bit, see our loved ones again and live our lives to the fullest.

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About the Client

The LA Film School is an institute devoted to preparing the next generation of creative professionals bound for the entertainment industry. They offer degrees in fields such as Film, Audio, Animation, Music, Graphic Design and Entertainment Business. This is the first step towards a future in Hollywood!