You are currently viewing Full Color Banner for Temple B’nai Hayim in Sherman Oaks

Full Color Banner for Temple B’nai Hayim in Sherman Oaks

Places of worship such as temples, synagogues, churches and mosques need signage too! These can be for commemorating events, spreading messages to the community and for special occasions. This full color banner we made for Temple B’nai is a great example. It’s announcing an open house event while displaying contact information for worshipers and interested parties. 

Full Color Banner: Quick Yet Effective Signage

If you have a small time frame but still need something colorful with great visual impact our digitally printed banners are the solution you’re looking for.

Almost forgot a birthday?

A community event took forever to plan?

Need religious signage but spent too much time deciding?

A full color banner can be a real lifesaver for these instances. The signage is quick and easy to make, but will still make the event a special one!

Need a banner made in a hurry? Contact us and we’ll get right on it!

About the Client

Temple B’nai Hayim was founded in 1958 and carries a philosophy of conservative Judaism connecting the warm, vibrant and modern synagogue of today with its rich and ancient heritage.