Channel Letters Sign Timer for Higher Standards in Malibu

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Outdoor illuminated signs are required by the city to be on a timer per city code. Often a sign timer already exists from a previous tenant but if no timer is in place, our team can install a sign timer for you too like we did for Higher Standards in Malibu. Now their halo-lit channel letters will comply with local ordnance and reduce electricity costs. Continue reading “Channel Letters Sign Timer for Higher Standards in Malibu”

Storefront Sign for European Shoe Repair in Malibu

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Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed a storefront sign for European Shoe Repair in Malibu. The custom mall sign sports halo lit channel letters, giving it visibility during both day and night. We also helped design the unique shoe logo, which uses Christian Louboutin’s signature red to give it a distinct and striking look.

European Shoe Repair in Malibu has over 28 years of experience and presence in Malibu. They specialize in a variety of high-end leather goods and brands, from Gucci and Christian Louboutin to Prada, Channel, Louis Vitton and more. They are also an authorized repair center for Henry Beguelin.