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Awning Sign for Eternadental in Huntington Park

Part of our business sign package and office design package for Eternadental. This is an awning sign for their front door which not only makes their brand visible due to its vantage point but also provides much needed shade. So this storefront sign is visually attractive and useful especially on hot days. Customers will definitely appreciate it! 

Make Your Storefront Stand Out With An Awning Sign

Signage should be visible, positioned in prominent locations, and memorable. One way people will remember your business sign is if it provides them shade or cover during bright and sunny days or rainy weather. This is why awnings are awesome. Moreover, awning storefront signs are a classic, harkening to the days of general stores or haberdasheries. So they are reassuring sights and make the sidewalk more pleasant. They also nicely frame the entrances of businesses. Also, they can compliment other storefront signs being displayed.

Considering storefront signage? An awning entrance sign is perfect for this. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Eternadental provides high-quality dentistry utilizing advanced technology and a team that truly cares for patients.