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Halo Lit Lobby Sign for Connexity in Santa Monica

Our halo lit lobby sign for Connexity. When the Santa Monica company changed their logo, they called on us to swap out their old backlit lobby brushed metal lobby sign with a new one. It looks futuristic, totally cyberpunk!

Modern, State of the Art Illuminated Signage

So your business is in tech. Or you want to show that your startup is in the cutting edge of its field. In that case, consider going with a really modern look like a halo lit lobby sign. With halo channel letters your signage will have an attention-grabbing glow. This will definitely leave an impression with audiences and customers, making your establishment all the more memorable.

And as in the case of Connexity, if you are changing logos, you should promptly replace obsolete signage with updated ones.  With such memorable and distinct signage you’ll show them that your brand definitely means business. Moreover, the presence of such high quality displays will also convey to them that your products and services are a cut above the rest.

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About the Client

Connexity and Hitwise are online marketing agencies helping businesses reach their audiences. They provide services such as retail product listing platforms and online behavioral insights and audience planning.